My bitcoins haven’t shown up!

Try going through these steps:

1) Connect to WiFi or find a location with stable 3G/4G internet connection.

2) If the problem persists, try restarting your phone.

3) If the problem still persists, check the bitcoin blockchain ledger to see if your transaction has been broadcast to the bitcoin network. We recommend you check for the transaction using multiple blockchain explorers, like:


4) If you can find your transaction, reach out to your wallet provider for further troubleshooting. Some wallets/websites require a certain amount of confirmations before your wallet balance updates. You should see the unconfirmed transaction immediately upon finishing the trade at the machine.

5) If you can’t find your transaction, and it has been more than 30 minutes since you finished the trade, reach out to us via email: support@coinbtm.com with the phone number, cash amount, time, and location of your trade.

How do I get the bitcoins off my paper wallet?

Step 1: Open your mobile wallet app.

Step 2: Select the option to "Import Private Key". Different apps have different names for the import function.

Step 3: Use your phone camera to scan the bottom QR code on the paper wallet. It should automatically sweep those funds to your wallet.

Step 4: Ensure the bitcoins are now in your phone wallet address and have moved OFF the paper wallet address.

For reference, we strongly recommend that you immediately send the bitcoin from this paper address to another address you control, as anyone in possession of the private keys found on the printed receipt will be able to claim the bitcoin from this address.

My account is blocked and it shouldn't be.

If you feel that your account has been blocked in error, or the machine is wrongly preventing you from access, we encourage you to reach out to us so we may quickly resolve any issues: ac@coinbtm.com.

  • Use your own phone, not your friend’s or mom’s phone.
  • If the machine asks you questions, answer them correctly!
  • Don’t make a typo if you enter info on the touchscreen
  • Typos and wrong info result in not being able to use the ATM, so double-check spelling!
  • Tell your friends!! But, please: One person per phone number, otherwise you will lose access. They are free to sign up themselves!
  • Crumpled or defaced bills will get rejected or mess up your transaction
  • Make sure bills have no folds, no tears and no bent corners
  • Wait just a second or two after you insert the last bill before you tap “Finish” on screen, so everything registers properly.
  • Need to buy more bitcoins right now? Scan your ID at the machine and answer some simple automated questions only once to increase your daily limits! To greatly increase for whatever you desire, please contact ac@coinbtm.com for manual enhanced verification.
  • Keep your passwords safe!
  • Keep your Paper Wallets safe!
  • We cannot recover lost coins!!!
  • Bitcoin transactions take about 10 minutes on average to confirm by being included in a block (this is when they count, until then, they are unconfirmed)
  • This ATM will accept the scan of a QR barcode by the keypad, or, it will print a Paper Wallet where your bitcoins get sent immediately after pressing finish and ending the transaction